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Denmark is at the forefront of digital innovation. We want to showcase why. Digital Hub Denmark is bringing some of Denmark’s strongest tech companies & startups to Web Summit.

For the past four years, Denmark has ranked in the top 5 in the UN happiness index. And why?

You may have heard of our free education, universities and healthcare, seamless design, or the global phenomenon of ‘hygge’ (that feeling that you can’t really translate), but there’s more to our achievements in happiness than candles and twinkle lights.

Denmark is trailblazing a new path in digital innovation 👩‍💻.

Copenhagen was named the 4th biggest startup hub in Europe 📈, and in the top 5 for planning to hire international talent.
Out of all our startups, 51% have reached growth stage 🚀.
And this year, The World Bank named Denmark as the #1 country for ease of doing business 🥇.

You can expect a high quality of life in most Danish cities. We take the work-life balance 👩‍👩‍👦 very seriously, and most Danish residents live just a short cycle distance from their workplace. In the workplace, we have flat hierarchies 🤝, and proximity to power – perfect if you’re interested in moving quickly and affecting change.

Denmark also has a large network of public and private entrepreneur supporters, accelerators and incubators. This includes some of Europe’s top clusters in life science, fintech, robotics, agtech, edtech, cleantech and sustainable energy.

We believe that innovation should serve to build a better future for generations to come 👶.

If you’re an impact-driven innovator, Denmark is the perfect home to grow your solution. 41% of Nordic impact investment 🌍 comes from Denmark, and have led the country to become home to some of the world’ most successful impact-driven success stories.


If you’re interested in finding out what Denmark’s next unicorn will be, and how to learn from it, or how you’re startup can tap into the Danish ecosystem to become the next big thing, come and visit us at Web Summit 🇩🇰

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  • Public


    Casper Klynge

    Tech Ambassador
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Casper Klynge is Denmark’s & the world’s first Tech Ambassador spearheading the Government’s decision to elevate technology to a foreign policy priority as part of the ‘TechPlomacy-initiative’. Working out of Silicon Valley, Casper has a global mandate.

  • Public/NGO


    Jonas Tyle Petersen

    Digital Strategic Manager
    Digital Hub Denmark

    An entrepreneurial & strategic leader, adviser and co-creator with experience from innovation, digitalization and organisational development in widely different settings. I can create new capabilities & drive growth in startups, corporations and public sector.

  • Public/NGO


    Claus Rosenstand

    Digital Hub Denmark

    My work as an entrepreneur, disseminator, and board-member is a cohesive, interdisciplinary work within the digital disruptive domain. Helping organizations to exponential growth by leveraging digital disruptive technologies

  • AR/VR


    Anna Anttila

    Business Developer

    Imagine a future where augmented reality is a vital part of our lives. At Hololink we envision the future differently, which is why we're enabling anyone to create and share AR experiences directly on the free and open internet.

  • AR/VR


    Lucas Nygaard

    CEO & Co-founder

    I believe new mediums have to be for everyone, in order to make an impact. That’s why I founded Hololink, to empower brands, companies and creatives to create and share interactive augmented reality experiences, on the free and open internet.

  • Fintech


    Mads Stolberg-Larsen

    Blockchain Specialist
    Tradeshift Frontiers

    Recently Tradeshift Frontiers settled the worlds first invoice through smart contracts and licensed digital cash on the Ethereum mainnet. Get the insights to what happened from Mads Stolberg-Larsen, who led the effort on the commercial side.

  • Healthtech


    Raluca Jalaboi

    Machine Learning Engineer
    LEO Innovation Lab

    Raluca has a MSc in Computer Science, specialising in Machine Learning. At LEO Innovation Lab, she is currently working on the development of an AI-powered skin diagnosis platform, capable of identifying skin conditions from smartphone images.

  • Healthtech


    Martin Holm Jensen

    Head of AI and Machine Learning
    LEO Innovation Lab

    Martin leads the data science and machine learning unit at LEO Innovation Lab, where he has overseen the development of an AI-powered skin diagnosis platform, now being tested with clinical research partners across the world.

  • Healthtech


    Andrei Chiriac

    Senior Principal Medical Advisor
    LEO Innovation Lab

    Dr. Andrei Chiriac is the Senior Principal Medical Advisor at LEO Innovation Lab. He has previously worked as a dermatologist (Senior Doctor in Dermatovenereology) and has a keen interest in disruptive technologies in healthcare.

  • Healthtech


    Christina Kirk

    Director of Impact & Sustainability
    LEO Innovation Lab

    Christina is an expert in enabling companies to build disruptive products and nurture innovative environments to bring new solutions to market faster and smarter. She's currently establishing framework for how to work with 'Intellectual Property for Purpose'.

  • Healthtech


    John Zibert

    Chief Medical Officer
    LEO Innovation Lab

    PhD in medicine, MSc in Human biology, and BSc in Microbiology. John has held several position in LEO Pharma, and now focuses on leveraging digital technology to augment doctors, empower patients, and optimise treatment development at LEO Innovation Lab.

  • Fintech


    Gert Sylvest


    Gert Sylvest is co-founder of Tradeshift and GM of Tradeshift Frontiers, an R&D and investment arm covering blockchain, AI/ML and IIoT and other emerging technologies with expected supply chain and commerce impact.

  • Healthtech


    Kristian Hart-Hansen

    LEO Innovation Lab

    Under Kristian's leadership, LEO Innovation Lab has built innovative technologies to make a global impact for healthcare and improve the lives of people with chronic skin diseases - from AI-powered skin diagnosis to digitising treatment development.

  • Public/NGO


    Camilla Rygaard-Hjalsted

    Digital Hub Denmark

    Visionary, strategic and highly value-driven executive with 18 years of experience leading company innovation and lately digital business creation. Passionate about getting teams to perform in times of massive transition.


We are bringing 10 startups that represent the best of Danish tech to participate in Web Summit's startup program.

  • Develop Diverse

    Develop Diverse develops AI-based software tools to remove stereotypic content in companies communication material.

  • BotXO

    BotXO builds AI & chatbot software that improves how people work for - and buy from companies.

  • GoodiePack

    GoodiePack releases the potential in your existing customers, guests and members.


    New generation of accounting system for SMEs - first fully automated bookkeeping for receivables and payables.

  • StreamCrux

    StreamCrux is creating a discovery platform to help game streaming viewers and streamers connect via crowdsourced data.


    PRECURE´s smart wearables provide companies data on muscle strain and help them reduce repetitive strain injuries.

  • QuickOrder

    QuickOrder creates groundbreaking IT solutions for the hospitality industry, enabling data-driven decisions.

  • Robotto

    Robotto, is developing a system for data gathering and analysis of wildfires using autonomous drones

  • GamingBuddy

    GamingBuddy, is developing a social media for gamers that makes it easier to connect and play with like-minded gamers.

  • OfficeHub

    OfficeHub is Denmarks leading marketplace for flexible office space. Move in to plug & work offices - not empty space.

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